Outdoor Clothing

Sports image 1If you’re into sports, you really should come into Abbey Street Shopping Centre.  Because here you’ll discover what is probably the region’s biggest and most comprehensive range of sportswear you could ever wish to find.  We supply many local teams and schools, and also offer a high quality embroidery facility to add that personalised touch.  Why not contact us for a quote?

From a single ‘tracky-top’ to a complete team kit, you’ll find a superb choiceof brands, colours and styles
thatcater for just about every sport and age group.

Sports image 2What’s more, you’ll also discover what is undoubtedly the best value for money there is.

Here we don’t just specialise in the most popular sports either.  In addition to finding just about everything you could ever require for those top participant sports such as soccer, cricket and athletics, we also cater for many, many more sporting activities ranging from snooker to basketball, hockey, lacrosse ... even darts and dominoes.

So when we say we’re The Sportswear Specialists - we
mean it. Sports image 3Okay, you’ll find all the things othershops might
sell such as shorts, shirts, socks and training stuff.  But here you’ll also find kit you don’talways manage to find in those ‘High Street Sports Boutiques’.  How about referee’s kit - including whistles, watches and cards?  How about leather arm protectors for archery enthusiasts?  How about white gloves for snooker officials?  How about face-masks for hockey net-minders?  How about compression underwear for just about every sport?  And that’s just a very small sample!

So you see, it doesn’t matter which sport you’re into, because if you come into Abbey Street Shopping Centre ... you know you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

Top brands include:
Slazenger                      Dunlop
Spalding                        McDavid
Hi-Tec                           Carlton
Mitre                             Polar
Speedo                          Sondico
Pro Star
Plus many more.