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When it comes to top-value footwear ... we’ve truly put the boot in.  We’ve kicked out high prices and stamped down costs.  So now’s the time to walk straight into Abbey Street Shopping Centre for top brands, the latest styles and the best value for money you can get.

Our footwear department covers the needs of every age-group from toddlers and school shoes, to top styles for fashion conscious women and men, to the most rugged workboots and specialist footwear for high-impact
off-road activities, and just about every sport you can
think of.

Footwear image twoMost of the country’s favourite footwear brands are represented
amongst our vast selection, and we also include a number of specialist styles such as Mirak brand:-
School uniform shoes
School-recommended trainers
Non-marking trainers for indoor sports halls
Astroturf trainers
And football boots at fantastic budget prices
Designer baby footwear now in stock!

Plus of course top-brand sports footwear for soccer,
cricket, athletics, squash, tennis, badminton, skiing,
hill walking, fishing etc.

Among the leading brands you will find in our footwear collection are:

Wrangler Pod Kickers Mitre
Gola Hi-Tec Nicholas Deakins Cat
Rockport Timberland Base London Mirak
Cartoon Character Footwear US Brass Dr Martin Rockford

Plus many more, including all types of oil-resistant safety boots